My Working Mommy Morning

by Shannon Penrod

As a working mom I always find myself twisting a famous saying into, “I make plans and God laughs!”

Just when I think I have a schedule worked out that feeds, nurtures and satisfies all of my family’s needs, something throws the whole thing off. 

What I forget is that sometimes the thrown off schedule is much better than anything I could possibly put pen to.

Last week I took my son to day camp for the first time.  A new camp, a new behavioral therapist – my son is recovering from autism, new gymnastics facility, new everything.  I found myself feeling a little resentful as I took my son to camp. Because everything was so new I felt obligated to stay instead of returning home to work.  I decided to suck it up and hope for the best by bringing my yellow pad with me.

The truth is that it was a fabulous morning.  I sat on the bleachers and worked while my son had a blast.  I took breaks on a regular basis and managed to take a ton of pictures of my kid enjoying himself.  By the end of the morning I had accomplished more than I can typically get done in two mornings, and I had a ton of pictures for my son’s scrapbook.

Since then I have been taking my son and dropping him off.  I haven’t gotten as much done and I haven’t enjoyed my mornings as much as I did that day. So my new plan is to take a lap top with me  get a lot done and have fun while I’m doing it.  Did I say I have a plan?  I can hear God chuckling.