What They Want, They Can't Have by Jennifer France-Talvitie

Do you have lots of contraptions/toys to appease your little one? I do. Not tons, but the ‘normal’ amount. I wrote a blog a few months back about ‘Every Mom Has a Carnival’. Exersaucers, bouncy swings, toys that make noise, toys that stimulate development, books to flip through, trucks to roll on the ground, I mean the list goes on and on. So why is it, when I have all these things at my 9 month-old’s disposal, he only wants what he can’t have!

For instance, yesterday I was working. He got up from his nap and wanted to play. So, I brought my laptop into his room, set it up, brought in my 3-ring-binder with work info, my water, my decaf coffee and a pen. I had all of his stuffed animals around him so he could just have at them. I had a few other toys strewn about. I figured this will keep him busy for the 20 minutes I need to finish my work and have the rest of the day to play with him. Well, the moment I sat down, he was all over me. Tugging at my binder, trying to climb up to the laptop, grabbing for my pen. He managed in one quick and swift moment to knock over my full glass of ice water. I mean, it was constant. I would pick him up, move him to another area of his room, show him his exciting toys and go back to my spot. Within seconds, mere seconds, he was on me again. At one point, I actually started laughing, looked up and said out loud, ‘I am, at this moment, the essence of a working mom.’ I felt the power and frustration and joy of hundreds of thousands of moms who work from home. It was joyous and crazy all at the same time.

My little guy is so sweet, so curious, so smart (don’t sound like a proud mom, do I?). He finds joy in just about everything. We really are blessed. And at moments like yesterday, I just look at him and know that all is well. That even when I’m on my hands and knees, picking up pieces of ice and moping up water that he just knocked over, with the work that I still need to finish on my screen, I am overwhelmingly proud, honored and eternally grateful to have him.