We all Make Our Choices by Dahna Weber

I can remember being in mom and tot groups when my son was 10 months old.   All the other moms were going on about how lucky I was that I didn’t have to go back to work.   I simply responded- we all make our choices.  Our family of three was living in a one bedroom apartment and had one car that was 7 years old.  Our monthly rent was the equivalent of their car payment for one of the two cars their families owned. 

I chose to live a simpler life style.  I chose to live in a one bedroom home.  I chose to do odd freelance work that I could do with my son on my back, or on overnight erratic shifts at the women’s shelter.  And most importantly, I chose to spend those first two years at home with my incredible son.  Yes I’m biased and believe every parent should be!

Did luck have anything to do with it?  No way!  It was 100% intentional choice followed by lots of planning and MANY compromises.  My suggestion- think about your real priorities.  It’s all too easy in our consumerist world to acquire things we think we need and we think our kids need which in fact steer us away from what most of us need- time to live love laugh and breathe with our loved ones.  But here I am…preaching to the converted! 

By Dahna Weber