Outsourcing Creativity

You know I love my Oprah.  In this month’s issue of O! she had a lovely interview with best selling author, Daniel Pink.  Their main topic?  Pink’s new book, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.  Being left handed, in my RIGHT mind and a creative/conceptual person I completely agree with Pink’s premise.

What I was shocked to see was Pink’s statment that you cannot “outsource creativity.”  Clearly he has not hired a virtual assistant from Motherhood Incorporated.  While it’s true that we do handle all the “left brained” activities that any business might be looking to outsource, such as accounting, proofreading, database entry, etc, etc… We also specialize in a wide array of creative services and conceptual problem solving. 

Maybe you can’t effectively outsource creativity to India, but you can outsource it with outstanding results to American Moms who have left the traditional workplace in order to pursue their careers from home.

I’m not holding it against Daniel Pink that he didn’t know how to outsource creativity. He admits to being a left brained thinker himself, so the conceptual idea of having a team of creative experts at your disposal hasn’t occurred to him yet.  That’s why we right brained business people need to provide the less fortunate “other half” with this important info.