Daycare Safety Checklist by Sandra Beck

by sandra beck

For many of us, the ability to have daycare in our homes is not possible as working mothers. First there is the expense, along with the location of your office – if its at home great, if not…what do you look for when you visit a prospective day center or family day care center.  Here is what I suggest and what I would look for:

1. Are there window guards and are fire exits well marked or obvious?

2. Are there security gates where needed?

3. Are the toys clean and in good condition with no sharp edges or broken pieces?

4. Is the food properly stored and refrigerated?

5. Are cleaning supplies locked away?

6. Are animals security?

7. Smoke alarms installed and a visible fire extinguisher present?

8. Are outside play areas enclosed and soft surfaced under equipment?

9. Do they have an emergency plan and are emergency numbers posted?

10. Do the other kids seem happy and content?

Of course this list is only a start. I found when looking at care for my children that my gut instinct was best of all. The one I ultimately chose was not the most state of the art – it was even kind of messy with the toys all over – but the kids were having a ball – the other mothers loved the center…the teachers/staff were fun, energetic and loving…and even though it didn’t get the highest marks on all my checklists and notes – my sons were happy, safe and loved going there…