Victory for the Working Mom By: Julia Rodriguez

I am six months pregnant and counting. I am not only counting the days til I have my baby but also to the days where I no longer have to commute back and forth to my job. I finally decided that I will not go back to my 9-5 after I have my baby. Instead I will stay home and make my part time bookkeeping job into my full time job.

The next step was to tell my boss, which was nerve wrecking. Not only did I need to tell him about my plans but I wanted to ask him if he would like to be one of my clients. He always knew that I wanted to stay home with my children and work. He usually said comments to discourage me from bring up the topic. But I asked any way. I sat down with him and discussed the benefits of him allowing me to work from home. Since his office is small and business has slowed down, I told him that financially it would benefit him to allow me to work from home. Not only will his payroll expenses be reduced but also he would get extra free time from me. I figured if I spend two hours driving back and forth everyday, why not use that time to do some work for him with out him incurring any expenses. 

It took time for him to grow into the idea and really think about it. He did not say anything after our first meeting but then after several follow ups he told me he was ok with me doing some work for him at home. I was so happy to know that he took time to consider my decision and thrilled to know that more people are starting to support the idea of work from home moms.