Virtual Office Mates in a Virtual Company

As a owner of a virtual assistant company, I often am asked about the benefits of working from home, or the benefits of controlling my own income.  What I am rarely asked is, “Is it lonely working from home as a virtual assistant?” And my answer is NO!

I used to worry about this when I started, but then I started making friends via the internet which has been so great because I rarely have time or quiet to talk on the phone. I can flick on my computer screen and catch up with friends whether it is 2am here in or daytime in Russia.

What is amazing is the situations women find themselves in despite our age, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. We are all strapped for time and desperate for friendship. By the classic definition, virtual friends might not be considered real friendships by some, but I have to tell you – given that I can make connection and catch up with people in way I would not be able to if I were limited to phone and face to face visits. I think it is pretty cool.

The women I have met running my virtual company and the friendships I have made transcend the boundaries of geography. Impersonal – no. Unfriendly – no.  I have had the great honor of working with some of the most compassionate, talented and outstanding women in the world.

So if you are alone in your house starving for connection, friendship and laughs – log in…we are all only an email away!