Working Mom v Professional Homemaker Mother

Recently I ranted about the gap between the working mother and the professional homemaking mother. Essential we are both mothers, but there the similarity ends. The working mother usually begins her introduction with her name, her child’s name and then she goes into what she does – and ends with “So what is it that you do?”

The Professional Homemaker is at an instant disadvantage. It’s sad because it used to be that a homemaker was an honorable profession – so when did it have to be hidden? When did it begin to mean that stay at home mother meant “do nothing.” When did it mean we divide into two warring factions as pre-school.

“Ohhhh, she’s a stay at home mom,” the working mother will say — as if we can have nothing in common.

“Ohhh, she owns her own company,” the professional homemaker will say — what’s the point?

We all know in our hearts that that’s not true. I have had the great honor and luxury of being both a full time mother, a part-time working mother, and a full-time working mother. I found that in my experience it was all about tradeoffs.

There was nothing easier or harder about each lifestyle – they were just different. So next time you meet another mother and she asks what you do – say it with pride, honor and dignity. There is no ideal solution for everyone – and we all need to do what we need to do whatever that may be.

And we all need to take a step back from defining ourselves with what we do – stay at home or not.

I was thinking the next time a mother asks me what I do – I am not going to say Author, Coach, Speaker, Company Owner, Mother of two boys, Wife of a Comedian.

I am simply going to say “Too Much, how about you?”