A Message from Owner Sandra Beck

I want to thank everyone for sending me their resumes, skills — for calling and emailing — especially our new friends from Canada!  I need to ask you all to be a bit patient as we experience some growing pains on our end.   We are growing and expanding so fast and we can’t keep up with all the requests for work, and I want you to know that this is nothing personal. There are only so many hours in the day that we can respond to calls and inquiries.  It would be very helpful to me if you are calling or emailing that you send a simple resume including your contact information, your physical location, what programs you know or skills you have — are you fluent in another language, can you write well or type fast?  Currently we are desperately seeking women who can Blog and who can use wordpress — along with moms who can customize blogs. If you are submitting for this kind of work, please attach a sample for us to read.  We really appreciate all of you and are trying to do our best to keep up!