Childcare continues to be the bane of my existance. Where some mothers are able to drop off their children at daycare, my toddler is not yet potty trained so the only day care in town will not take him. My four year old, is fine and no trouble while I work, and so he’s not the problem. I live in a rual farming community where the only access is by freeway and train. The local people want an enormous amount for babysitting – one high school student quoted me 15 dollars an hour. The other kids in the neighborhood refused saying their parents felt the liability was too high for them to babysit. Today my babysitter who works Tuesdays and Thursdays for 8 hours and is paid $10 an hour told me she was quitting and going to stay at home because she doesn’t make enough. She lives with her mother and has three kids of her own and no husband. She is lovely and wonderful with my kids, but please! Her mother watches her kids while she works for me. I don’t report the income…she’s paid in cash…in some respects she makes more than me per hour. It has been a really disheartening day and I live so far from anyone who can help it is frustrating.  Frustrated in the country!