A Thoroughly Modern Mom

When I was 6 all I wanted to be was a Mom.  It looked like a great gig.  It is a great gig!  Moms are the keepers of the fun.  I don’t know about your house but if I didn’t drag out the rubbermaid tub labeled Easter, fill all of the individual eggs, shop for basket fillers, buy extra eggs for dipping and plan a special dinner – well – it would just be another Sunday.  My husband and my son love all of the holiday things that I plan for them just like I loved all of the things my mother planned for me. 

I remember the first year after I had my son – I had gone back to work – much to my chagrin.  And every time a holiday came I felt rushed and resentful.  I didn’t have time to do all of the preparations, and if I made time to do them I was too tired to enjoy them.  It wasn’t at all what I thought being a mom was like.

It wasn’t until after I started working out of my home that I realized that being a mom has changed since my mother’s day.  And it had changed for the better.  Now I understand that I can work fewer hours and work from home, so that I have time to do all of the prep that I want to do.  OR I can have someone else do the prep if I don’t want to do it.  I can even have groceries delivered to my door if I don’t want to do the shopping.  I get to pick and choose what I want to do and what I want done but don’t particularly want to do myself. My mom never had it so good!