My Clients

Here’s the thing.  I could tell you who my clients are….but then I would have to kill you.  I am a virtual assistant.  I’m the lady behind the “green curtain” who helps make the wizard look good.  Nobody needs to know that I’m there, it spoils the illusion.  I used to look at certain Type “A” people who shall remain nameless, but you know the types – they’re all over the news making appearences, they have 3 books coming out, and a series of videos, they throw the most amazing parties, their thank you notes are hand written and come within a week of recieving a gift – you know, that kind of person.  I used to marvel at those kind of people and think that they must have a lot more energy than me.  Now I know the truth.  They have Virtual Assistants.  They pay people like me to do things they need done and don’t want to do themselves. 

Most Virtuals have areas of expertise, mine is ghost writing blogs.  People are amazed when I tell them that I write people’s blogs for them.  A Blog is supposed to be personal, how can you write something for someone else that is supposed to be personal?  To me it doesn’t seem like a very big leap.  I write thank you notes for my husband.  I used to be an actress, its actually fun to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and write.

Some of my clients are deeply concerned about what their blogs say, once I have done a rough draft I email the blogs to these clients for them to edit and send back to me.  Other clients are thrilled to turn over complete control to me.  Both kinds of clients are great for me – I just like hearing back the comments they get on their blogs and how it helps them to further their careers.

As my clients get to know me and my work, there is usually a point when they want to know why I am a Virtual Assistant and not working in an office.  I tell them the truth.  I got into this business because my son was diagnosed with autism and I needed to work from home while he got therapy.  But now that I have discovered the freedom and the flexibility of being a virtual, I can’t ever imagine going back.  My clients, who shall remain nameless, love knowing that I am getting a great gift out of this as well.