Working at Home as Toddler Destroys House

I have found a solution that works at least for now in so far as me getting a little more computer time. My son does not nap any more on a regular basis and I lose that time I used to have to do my work. With all my other responsabilities, it is hard to get in my computer time during the day and the nights I am trying to spend with my husband.

I bought one of these baby pen things that has interlocking panels so you can expand the space as he grows. This week, I made the pen bigger and put only a ball in there with my son…he played for a while…then I removed the ball and put in one of those xylophone things….he played for a while…I kept rotating the toys and then had an idea. I removed a bunch of toys from his site and will keep them in a closet when I need to bring out “new” items.  He is so happy in his pen, I can see him while I work and talk to him.  I like to think of it as “our” work time together. With what I am doing I can pay for braces, or summer camp or anything he might need that we otherwise could not afford, and he is working on his independence, his development and his motor skills!