Offices at Home Goal

I think before you begin to plan your space, you need to take a moment to think about how you will use the area you assign.  You will need to coordinate here I am guessing, if you are like me, personal paperwork, the activities, clubs and troops of your husband, children and if you have time, yourself. You will also need to think about your volunteer work and community projects if any.

One of the things I am finding is that in addition to childcare issues and managment, I am finding as my parents age, that there is an additional need for me to manage their health care, payments and ensure that their home is in proper working order. This is more for me than running to the store to fill their pantry or mopping their floors. As our parents age, they need medications refilled, their are endless insurance forms to fill out and many, many, many doctors appointments.  It sometime becomes like caring for an infant — opps…Mom needs to go in for her shots today — flu, vitamin, etc. I

For most Mom’s who work virtually, these items take as much or more importance that the virtual work itself. So there needs to be a space for everything – a place for everything as my dad would tell me — and everything in its place.

Whether your goal is to create a multipurpose space for some or all of the items above or a separate area for your office needs, we need to think about storage solutions — easy and affordable ways to organize with baskets, boxes, bins and even a cookie sheet!

I am excited to share these with you in my next blog so stay tuned! These blogs will appear every Saturday morning when I think you are online – I know I am writing them then!

Looking forward to hearing your comments and hearing great ideas from the virtual working mom community.