Stay at Home Working Mom on a Trip

As Easter approaches I find myself crammed in the back of our SUV with my two kids.  My husband and his brother sit in relative comfort in the front seat. The only saving grace is the happy shreiks my 18 month old emits that make them jump out of their skins.  I know I shouldn’t be complaining. I have a wonderful life with my own company and a great family — I just wish I was less tired so I could enjoy them more. I just finished an argument with my son who chastised me about not packing crayons for the car ride.  Just so you know, this is what I packed for our Easter vacation for the car only:

Cooler filled with grapes, cut up strawberries and chilled juice boxes.15 inflight movies – including science, adventure, comedy and dramaVtech video game with your choice of Elmo, Thomas, or Cars4 Board Books5 Pictures BooksAssorted Candy, Snacks and TreatsTwo soft blanketsOne Stuffed MonkeyOne Stuffed DogMy computerMy husband’s computerTwo blackberries with chargers – car and wallComputer Car ChargerAleve, Benadryl and Baby TylenolDiapers, Wipes, Sippy Cups and Ice for Bottles And that’s just in the passenger section. What fills the back cargo area I’ve lost count. Our Easter vacation will take us from 20 degrees to 81 degrees and back – so from bathing suit to snow suit we are prepared. As  I business owner, I am thrilled to be able to leave with my family and choose the work I need to do while I am gone. My husband also has that luxury. Sure it means a lot of schlepping files and computers, but essential it means that we can leave when we want and return when we want. Being self employed and running your own company has it’s priveleges.   I guess getting the front seat isn’t one of them…