Stay At Home Working Mom and PEZ

As a mother who works from home I have an open door policy to my children, similar to what I used to have in my traditional company office.  I chose to stay home with my children to be with them and experienc their life along with them. I chose to start a company at home so we could have money to do the things as a family we wanted to do along with helping our children financially with college. What I never understood as a working mom was the power of PEZ. I am not a shareholder in PEZ. I am in no way paid for my endorsement of PEZ in this blog. I am simply a grateful consumer. You know those litte weird headed plastic toys that dispense candy.  It’s not the weird heads that do the trick, all thought Pooh is a favorite. It’s the little bitty candy stacks that you can buy by the six pack. I am not into doping your kid or rotting their teeth, but when you are on an important call and your three year old just stubbed his toe on your desk, whip out the PEZ and magic happens.  I use PEZ on airplanes, in Church or Temple, and on long car ride.  The trick to PEZ is to break it out only in emergency. It increases the appeal and allows you to administer a quick does of a sugery sweet treat without hopping them up on a larger piece of candy. Of course, there is the inevitable wrestling match over more PEZ and that requires a firm hand.  Your little junkies will clamor for more and as for me, they go back in my desk in the locked drawer.  I am sure PEZ has many more magical uses and I would love to hear about them.  As a work from home mom, PEZ should be listed as an office essentail pens, paper and PEZ!