Stay at Home Working Mom and Superman!

As a work at home mom and company owner, I have found that I find myself working as my son watches Justic League on television. I have to admit as a little girl, I dreamed about being Lois Lane.  As I write, I start to think of myself as Lois Lane — writing away on my computer.  The music from the television blares and I type faster – I imagine myself in a slim suit, with great hair holding a pad of paper.

As I work away, I think of Lois and would I really want to be married to Superman?  Sure he has super strength, x-ray vision and freeze breath?  He can fly, so that would be convenient because we wouldn’t have to face long lines at the airport. He could use his super stregth to clean the house and garden really fast. I don’t see how x-ray vision would help.  Then I thought about how he would always be leaving for some emergency or another.  Millions of women everywhere would want to sleep with him.  Dumb guy’s in bars would challenge him to a fight. He could probably do product endorsements or guest appearances and make a lot of money, so that would be a plus. If we had kids, what if one had superspowers like dad and the other got my fat thighs.  Being married to Superman would mean I would be stuck with dorky Clark Kent during the day and not being able to brag about his super prowess at night. Ultimately, I think being married to Superman would be a bad gig.  I pick up the stack of invoices I have to read through, and glance at my son. He is asleep and the show has changed to Magilla Gorilla. Time for my Grape Ape fantasy.