Pros and Cons of Vonage in the Home Office

A lot of you have asked me about Vonage…here’s what I found in my usage of


1. You can pick the area code in which you want a line…helpful for
me who lives in the sticks and had clients in beverly hills where I
worked for 15 years.

2. For an extra $5 a month you can get additional lines pretty much
anywhere in the world. A Canadian line for our cananda “virtual
office” would be a great choice on vonage.

3. They email me messages…I can either open them in email and
listen or for 25 cents each they will type them out and email me the
text. If you don’t get a lot of phone messages, this is work the

4. You can call other countries for no extra charge – I call London
and a few European friends for no extra charge which is handy.
Also, my baby sitter who is from Mexico can call her mom each day
after work for free which is great for her and when she is happy my
kids are happy then I am happy!

5. It’s easy to set up and easy to use.


1. If your internet goes out, so does your phone. I use my landline
for business calls and I let the incoming calls come in on vonage.
That way my home is not bothered by my incoming calls. I block my
home phone so all it reads is private caller where I make my
business calls and if there is a blip on the internet connect that
would make the phone call fuzzy or drop…I don’t have that problem
calling out on my land line.

2. You really need cable internet or better to use vonage
effectively. I had a whole lot of trouble with dsl and once we
turned to cable it was so much better.

3. The portable device that you can plug in to any computer and use
as a phone sucked. I ended up getting the regular phone adapter and
it worked great.

4. The internet answering service which comes free sounds like a
robot, so my regular phone that plugs into the vonage device has its
own answering machine.