Working from home vs. Working in an office – By Nicole Perkins

When I left my job at the newspaper exactly four years ago to stay home with my daughter, my editor (a mother of three boys) told me that someday I would miss not having a place to get away.

So here I am, sitting in my living room playing cars with my son, while my daughter finishes her nap, trying to get some work done. Sure I’m a little distracted, but when I think about being downtown in the newsroom, I remember how distracted I was there too.

A giant room filled with your colleagues where there are constant discussions, meetings, intant messaging and chit chat, isn’t much different than having to change the occasional diaper or answer questions like, “Where does water comes from?” I still pause for lunch, but instead of catching up on weekend happenings with my girlfriends, I’m teaching my kids to understand their likes, dislikes and needs.  

I miss the adult interaction, and of course there are days that don’t go so smooth and I end up losing sleep trying to catch up, but for me, the tradeoff is priceless. I’m the one that gets to come to my kids’ rescue when they have a boo boo or teach them why it’s important we watch the presidential debates and if we have a good day, we make cupcakes together. And there are definitely days I need to escape, but I can pick and choose those days – no timecard to fill out!

Now, in all fairness, my editor was a wonderful woman whose husband also worked in the newsroom, and she had a nanny worth her weight in gold. Everyone’s situation is different and we all do what we can to make the most of it, but while I stare at the mess of Hot Wheels on my floor and think of all the laundry I still have yet to do, I feel very lucky that my days are what I make them – with my babies.