The Birth of A Business

THE BIRTH OF A BUSINESS As a first time business owner, I can’t help but make this comparison.  It seems the launch of my business website and the birth of my son were most similar. I remember back to when I was 38 weeks pregnant I was filled with anticipation of the big day. “Anytime now” the doctor said. Everything was in place, the diapers, carseat, crib. I was well prepared and the only thing left was to wait. By 40 weeks I could hardly stand it- I was overloaded with emotions of excitement, fear & hope. The due date came and went, I wondered if would ever happen. When baby Jack finally arrived it was the most joyous day, one I’ll never forget. The launch of was no different. Weeks before the launch date, everything was set. The initial months of planning & research would soon pay off. As the countdown till launch begun, the emotions of excitement, anticipation, fear and hope took over. As the launch day came & went, I wondered if it would ever happen. Time went by, still no site. When the big day finally came, it was almost surreal. Did we actually do it?  Now that the website has been live for nearly a week, I remember the day when the doctor handed me my newborn baby Jack.  What next?