Motherhood Incorporated Praises Proofreaders!

Ouch! That Hurts!I don’t know if any of you saw this, but it certainly did tickle me. The title – Toddlers able to Marry in Arkansas caught my eye — first for my same sex couple friends who are not allowed to marry, but especially as for my son who is four is really into marrying. He’s going to marry Nina in his pre-school.  Nina wears glasses – really thick ones and she has long blond braids that are as thin as pencils.  Prior to Nina, he was going to marry Lupe. Lupe wears an eyepatch to correct a lazy eye — of which Max declares that she is secretly a pirate.  Nina is Swedish and Lupe is Mexican- American – so clearly he doesn’t have a type there.  The eye thing? Seems like it.

So I got to reading the article and here is an excerpt:

 LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (April 3) – Arkansas’ marriage-age crisis is over. A law that mistakenly allowed anyone – even toddlers – to marry with parental permission was repealed by a measure …Lawmakers didn’t realize until after the end of last year’s regular session that a law they approved, intended to establish 18 as the minimum age for marriage, instead removed the minimum age to marry entirely. An extraneous “not” in the bill allowed anyone who was not pregnant to marry at any age with permission.

I thought of all the jobs we do here at Motherhood Incorporated.  Some in different languages.  I myself am notorious for turning “they” into “the” or for forgetting the Tilda on the Spanish N and making the word “year” into the word “ass”.  For our clients, we try really hard not to turn in documents, blogs or web pages without errors — but they sneak by — especially when Spell Check sometimes overwrites despite our best efforts.  I am glad that the bill contained and extraneous “not” because it happens to us – and we are just writing a blog about Toner — their’s was for a bill! 

The whole point is that we do the best we can.  And, if at the end of the day you did your best, then you did enough.  For those of you thining about, starting or running your own home company or working in an office, realize that despite herculean efforts — mistakes will be made.

Part of being human is making mistakes.  The best part of being human is we can laugh at ourselves!

My son just walked in an announced his stuffed monkey Mono is marrying his “blankie.”  Thinking of the use or misuse of the word “not” I asked him, “How come you are not marrying Mono?”

“Oh Mom, people can’t marry animals,” he explains, “It’s not right.”

Hmmmm…if he was a bill maker — and the argument came up like it did with gay marriage and the man who said if gays could marry then he could marry his dog…maybe with one “carefully omitted not” he could pave the way for many of my same sex couples to be married.  So whatever your political, marriage or personal views are, take some time today and think about how different some things would be if we added or removed the word “not” by mistake or to have a little fun!