The Best Thing about Being a Working Mom

The best thing about being a working mom is the sense of pride you get of being able to provide for your family. You become like they say the bread earner. The enjoyment that you get knowing that you are able to give to your kids.

Most of all it is nice knowing that you are able to contribute some income into the home and take some burden off your husband. Believe it or not it makes life a bit more easier on everyone.

It’s a great feeling waking up every morning and getting ready for work. It makes me feel important as an individual. I feel like I have a life outside my home. Most importantly, I see it as my alone time. As appose to being a wife and mom that I am.

I enjoy being a wife and a mom…but I also enjoy being a working mom. Because not only are you teaching your children responsibility but that a family works together as a team that we are.

Me being a working mom has as well made our marriage more stronger, I enjoy coming home and talking to my husband about my day at work.