What Kind of Home Business is Your Office Designed Around by Sandra Beck

 By Sandra Beck

Many of you have been following Beth’s Blog. Because of a recent family illness, Beth will not be blogging under home office for a while so I will be taking over as she helps her mother recover from Breast Cancer Treatment. To all the friends and family of Beth and her mom, we are thinking of you and all Breast Cancer Fighters and Suvivors!

Some of you may be starting a web business, a real estate business, a writing business, a virtual support business or a tutoring business or translation business. The opportunities are as endless as your talents, but it is imporant to think about your business because each type presents certain challenges.

In my writing and design business, I have tons of books. I use the internet greatly, but I really love my book collection on various topics that serve my clientele. I find that at night I like to thumb through lots of my books for ideas and for resources.  I have found that in addition to lots of book shelves, I am a person that is afraid to throw anything away.

I watch the organization shows and cringe when they throw almost everything into the throw away bin or the donate bin. I have this feeling that I will need something as soon as I throw it away and can’t retrieve it.

For this phobia, I have found a solution. I have my “pre-trash box”.  The organizers and the Feng Shui people may think this is crazy, and perhaps the mental health professionals as well, but I love it. It is a simple card board storage box without a lid that is tucked under my desk near the back wall by my feet. When I can’t throw something out and think I might need it, but don’t really want to file it I toss it in my pre-trash box. 

I toss items in there until the box is full. When the box is full, I take it to my couch and dump it upside down so the oldest items are on top.  One by one I go through this box with papers that are usually 3-6 months old — and I toss what I know I won’t use.  Any of the unsure papers go back into the pre-trash box.  I usually get rid of 80% of the papers at that time.

This may sound silly, but it works with who I am . I also then can retrieve precious papers that I need and honestly, after about 3 months I am pretty sure I won’t need most of them.  Check back with me in a few years and I will probably have the pre-pre trash box!