Me run my own company?

The truth is that I was angry that our society has become so dependent on certain conveniences that we can no longer support a family of 3 on one income.  Don’t get me wrong. I am proud of the strides we’ve made since the 1950’s where women were seen as unqualified to do anything but stay at home and be a homemaker.

Back then, the notion of a woman running her own company
was unheard of. Today, some of our greatest business leaders and CEOs are women, and it’s something to be proud of.  I certainly don’t want to take any steps backwards, when we’ve come so far. But then why are so many of us choosing to stay at home with our children when we’ve already proven to the
world that we are capable of so much more? It’s a simple answer, in my opinion.
It’s how we are built as women.
Where we once achieved great satisfaction in proving to society that the corporate world could perhaps, use a dash of the motherly instinct for a change…once we became actual mothers, nothing compared with the joy that was brought from “working” with our children. It was as if our lives had been empty before that moment in time, as if we truly were not meant for another other kind of life. Yes, we are capable of doing it all, and we’ve proven that to the world over and over again. But, when you get right down to it, nothing beats motherhood. It’s how we were built.

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