Part Time Child Care

Drop-in care provides supervised play on an as-needed basis (usually from three to four hours a day). You must pre-register your child and they may not attend more than 45 hours per calendar month. Staff may be professionals, volunteers, or parents. You will usually have to pay an hourly rate.

Drop-in care services are something that any family should investigate if circumstances mean that you may need to find an emergency babysitter, for example, if one of the parents has a chronic health problem where emergency trips to the doctor or hospital are common, or when you’re caring for your own aging parents who sometimes need urgent attention.

Migrant child care is for parents working in temporary agricultural jobs; the state and federal government runs free, full-time child care centers during the busiest seasons. Programs are available for children to develop their health, education, and nutrition.

“Latch-key” refers to child care after school hours and before the parent(s) picks up the child after work. Sometimes these services are offered through the school system, and some are offered at child care centers.

Head Start is a federally funded program for three- to five-year-olds from low-income families.