Log off from Your Home Business and Play


By Kelli

 I must remind myself at times why I started my own home-based business. Don’t get me wrong, I love waking up, having a coffee or two, leisurely checking my e-mails, listening to political debates on TV, doing a load of laundry (if I feel like it.) I don’t have to fight the traffic, dress in pressed clothing and answer to a boss. There are so many reasons why working from home is truly wonderful. But, the number one reason I work from home is to enjoy the day to day activities with my 2 boys. It is unfortunate though, that at times I forget. Many times I have felt frustrated by the interruptions of “Mommy please come play.” My boys see me here. I’m sure they think I’m glued to the computer. Too many times I have found myself caught up in my work, forgetting the reasons why I work at home. Of course there are deadlines and important meetings, but for the most part, nothing is too urgent that can’t be done after a game of catch or building a few sand castles. I am so grateful of this time with my boys. If ever I get too wrapped up in the computer working, answering e-mails, all things that can wait……. I think I’ll log off and go play.