Quick Meals for Busy Moms

Recently I was asked what was the meal I turned to most when I am tired, no time to cook and the kids are fussy. It is a simple solution and something I always have on hand. Each Sunday I boil a big pot of pasta noodles — I vary them from week to week.  They stay in my fridge and make throwing together a cold or hot dinner a breeze.

 Some of you might cook your own meatballs, but I’d rather poke my eye out. I buy the bag from Costco or Sam’s Club.
I microwave frozen fully cooked meatballs according to package directions.  I throw some frozen vegetables into into heated chunky spaghetti sauce and serve over the warmed up pasta. Top with  cheese and done.  A bagged salad and some fresh bread and I look like a Chef.

The kids are happy. The husband’s happy.  The dogs who get my unused Pasta on saturdays are estatic.

Just a tip from the Mom’s Archive…