Working Moms in the UK and USA

 It looks like we all have the same problems…whether we are in the UK or the USA and Canada. For our international readers, I invite you to share with us your experiences.

 An English report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) shows, many parents have problems combining work and family life. This is true whether or not you work from home or out of the home.

Working parents’ complaint

Childcare costs too high

Not enough flexi-time

Lack of support from employers and government

Out of 503 parents questioned for the survey, 80% said having children increased their stress levels and changed their way of approaching work.

Mothers, in particular, find the demands of work and family conflict as they choose between furthering their careers and joining in with events like Sports Day.

“There’s a Christmas play and a Christmas party at school,” on respondent said. 

“Then there’s a Christmas play and a Christmas party at after-school care. And you’re expected to bake a cake for all of them.

“Schools want mums to help out and there isn’t the same pressure on dads.”

A total of 20% of women cut their working hours after having children due, the report found, to employers’ failure to offer flexible hours or the option to work from home.

We don’t have the right solution for every mother, but working from home has its advantages. You save the time commuting, but still that time does not usually go to the mother.

“Anyway you cut it, being a mother is hard. Throw in working from home or working away from home and it all comes down to the same thing: no time for me.”