Looking Good, Feeling Good, Working Good.

The best days I have working from home are the ones were I’ve taken the time to get myself looking and feeling good. That is to say, the ones where I’ve showered before 10am, put on makeup, dressed in a nice pair of jeans, a cute top and headed to the kitchen table to go to work.

Before I was a Mom and worked out of the home, getting ready to go to work in the early morning was always annoying. The last thing I wanted to do when I was tired was spend even a half an hour getting myself together. I would always choose an extra fifteen minutes to sleep rather than spend it getting ready. Therefore, I was always throwing myself together as fast as I could. I mastered this and could get it done just fine.

Now that I’m at home with my son and working, finding the time to fully get myself looking “normal” is a luxury. There always seems to be something more important to do: feeding, bathing, playing with my son, working, looking for work, cleaning. Everything seems to take priority over me.

That’s why I’ve begun to make a point in getting myself ready to go, as if heading off to an office somewhere other than home. This makes me feel good. This makes me feel productive. This makes me feel like Mom and Jennifer, all in one! And I can still do it really fast!!

There is nothing that makes working from home more enjoyable than looking as good or bad as you want. But sometimes the extra effort to look good makes feeling good and doing good work just that much easier.