Every Mom Has a Carnival

“Where would he like to play next?” When you have a baby, this is a question any parent asks themselves many times a day. Keeping kids busy is a constant project. And when they are very little, it’s up to you to place them in stimulating environments. I’m sure it’s the same even with older children. But when they depend on you entirely (that is to say, they can’t get around on their own) it really is up to you completely.

Working from home makes this an all day experience. I have 3-4 hours of his nap time that allows me to get things done. Other than that, it’s me and him. I always take the time to go on a walk with him. And of course there are the many times that I play with him. But there are times throughout the day, that he needs to play and I need to work. This is when the carnival of contraptions comes in. It’s a rotation that provides him with stimulating activity and me with time to do my thing.

A carnival at home, that’s what I have. A carnival of stimuli for my son (he’s 6 months old). No tickets needed. This home-spun carnival is made up of many fun rides and activities. Lets see, there’s the swing. Oh, the swing. How my little guy smiles as he’s placed in the swing. Just turn it on, the song starts playing, the toys are hooked to it, the birds twirl above his head. He loves it. Then there’s the fun baby einstein saucer, that he circles around in, playing endlessly with all the attached toys that surround him (his favorite, at this time, is slapping the buttons that activate the animal sounds and the music). Next we have the fun play-mate. He flips all around, getting himself into many positions, while tugging on the hanging toys. There’s the good ‘ole blanket on the carpet. He just moves all around. There’s also the play-yard-pen for outside. Then there’s the fun sun that lites up and sings in his crib. On and on.

If you can find me a mom who doesn’t have a carnival, I won’t believe it!