Running the Household and a Business by Sandra Beck

 By Sandra Beck

Many of you reading this blog are trying to run your business — large or small — while you run your household. In the beginning, I tried to do both of these from my office.  All that happened is everything got all mixed up and I was constantly running from the office to the kitchen and back. Multi-tasking is all the rage, but it just turned me into a raging lunatic!

I ended up setting up an organization center for my household by my kitchen phone. It is here where I taped to the inside of my cabinets lists of frequently used phone numbers. I put a cork board on the back of the wall by my phone and tacked school forms, permission slips, raffle tickets and all the other stuff that I need to keep. 

Putting it in the drawer underneath the phone for me meant forgotten. I also have a family calendar there where we all record our appointments. My husband’s travel schedule is there, along with mine.  The days our babysitter is unavailable is there.  The kids school events along with my son’s preschool calendar.  It is a messy master plan of our life — from St Patties cookies required to speaking engagements — its all there.

An organization center doesn’t need an elaborate set-up, but I do like the expensive items in the site. I just can’t part with my hard earned money for something that glamourous when I need to pay for summer camp.  Whatever your setup, just make sure that everything that is managed by the “family organization center” goes there — and not on the hall table or in your office.  I did find some neat organizers at TJ Maxx that look like the Pottery Barn stuff but much cheaper. 

I am proud of it. It keeps us all on track – and it allows me to think about work while I am working and my family while I am working for my family.