Ally's Jewelry Business

I started making jewelry. It was relaxing and fun, and I did my best thinking while working quietly with my hands. One day, while trying to copy an expensive necklace I’d seen in a magazine, I started thinking about the value of the jewelry I was creating. The one in the magazine was probably
over $200, and reproduced many times over so that many would enjoy purchasing and then wearing it.

Mine looked exactly the same, and cost me no more that $3 to make. I could sell it for $50 and still feel that I was over
charging. I started dreaming about actually selling my necklace and what that $50 would mean to me and my family. At that point, we were beginning to feel for the first time what it was like to be poor. Now that we were being deprived
of my previous salary, we had begun to experience a real financial shock to our once- comfortable lives.

We’d recently become conscious of every dollar spent in order to survive. So, an extra $50 would be such a nice bonus. I
wondered what $50 would mean to the department store that sold their expensive necklace. Pure pocket change, I imagined.
My thoughts took me to another place- would people buy my necklace over the store’s necklace if they knew I was a mom? What if they knew that I’d be able to buy milk and warm clothes for my son? I had to believe that if presented that way, and my jewelry was made as easily accessible to them,
they’d choose to support me and my family…all for just purchasing a necklace that they would have bought anyway.

Next week, see how Ally turns her business into an online business — not just for jewelry but for all work at home parents!

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