We Are What We Think About All Day Long by Sandra Beck

 By Sandra Beck

In the beginning stages of your work at home development, a lot of what you need to do is think – think about what you are going to do, think about why you are doing it and even though it may sound strange begin to monitor your thinking.

The collection of thoughts that you think about daily are what we call a mindset. It’s a set of rules and criteria that you set up for yourself that dictate what you can and cannot do. You need to listen to the voice inside your head – and write down what it is telling you.

Does that little voice say, “You can’t work at home? Look at your home, it’s a disaster. Your business will be the same!”

Does that little voice say? “You are not smart enough or educated enough to run your own business and work at home.”

Does that little voice say? “You are smart, beautiful and extremely talented. You will be a monumental success! Your hair looks great! Oh! And love those shoes!”
If that last one is you, refer this blog to the woman sitting next to you. The one with the diaper bag and the fresh vomit stain on her left shoulder; you don’t need this blog and chances are she does. This blog is meant for real women. women are real women working in the real world and we don’t know anyone who thinks that way!

We are all plagued by those little voices in our head. They might be things we heard as children. We might hear them from our spouses, friends, family, or children. We might just think them ourselves. Who knows where they came from? We just need you to recognize what they are and write them down.

The fancy name for this is “identifying the negative self-talk that affects your mindset.” We prefer to call it the crap in your head that makes you feel bad.

These thoughts hold us back. They are mean and they hurt our feelings. Before you reach for a bag of chips, grab a pen and paper and write down those thoughts in your head that do not serve you. If you think about it, our self concept is based on what we think about ourselves.

We are what we think about all day long!