Out Sourcing My Life by Shannon Penrod

by Shannon Penrod 

I’m a control freak, I admit it.  But I am trying to let go of some of the things that a) don’t matter and b) that I don’t do well to begin with.  Let’s just get it out there on the table.  I’m a terrible housekeeper and I suck at doing laundry.  I can do laundry. I’m capable of doing laundry.  But there is an element of time and attention that always seems to set me up for failure.  I seperate like a champ.  I load the washer as well as the next work from home mom – but then you have that long pause from when you turn on the washer until it’s time to throw it in the dryer.  This is the period of time when I go do something else and get so involved in whatever that is that – you guessed it – I forget about the laundry.  Sue me. I plead guilty. 

I don’t have the attention span to move mountains of laundry.  So I’m considering hiring someone to do it for me.  I know, I can almost hear all of you shouting, “Do it!”  I’ve done the math and I readily acknowledge that in the amount of time that I screw up my laundry so that my entire family walks around wrinkled, I could make 2 to 3 times what I would have to pay someone to do it correctly.  So I’m considering it.  Thing strong thoughts for me, so I can release the control!