Risky Business

By: Julia Rodriguez

 When I got to the office today, I saw a note on my desk written by my boss.  It read,  “Read this article, I thought you would relate to these magical words.” The article was titled, “The Greatest Risk is not Taking One.” The title tells you everything.  A number of people are so afraid of taking that one step to fulfill a dream that they go their entire life without doing a thing and regreting it.  They risk not being successful at what they want.

My story is that I am the first women to have attended college, working on establishing a career while being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend ,etc, in the family.  In the traditions of my Mexican family, this is unheard of.  A women must stay home and take care of the children and cook and clean…..blah blah blah. I remember my aunt telling me when I got married, “Why are you wasting your time at school. School does not help you in anything once you are married.” Well it has Auntie. i took a risk and now I  have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, manage an office from 9-5 and working on helping women, specially those who have been raised in the same traditions as I did, fulfill the dream of starting a business, or simple things like how to use a computer in some cases.  My next adventure is developing a business for myself so that I can stay home with my daughter and work.  

Taking the risk of staying at home to raise children and starting a home based business is a reality for many moms.  I admire those who have taken the risks, overcame challenges and are happy with the results. 

Please share your stories to inspire women everywhere.  What risk did you take and how did you deal with the challenges? Let’s hear from you.