Do I Really Need to Be Connected All the Time? by Kelli Shand

 By Kelli Shand

As a new business owner, do I really need to be connected at all times? I am a MAC person. I love all the new products they come out with, the latest technology, from the thin, sleek laptops to the latest i-pod. Which brings me to the i-phone. Before I was a business owner, I pondered the necessity of owning one. Yes, they are cool, and what fun I could have, but do I really need one, do I really need to be connected to the world at all times?  For months, I have kept myself away from all temptations to buy an i-phone, (I even walk on the other side of the street when I see a MAC store.) Now though, I am a business owner, things have changed. I get mountains of e-mails each day that all need to be answered. So, unless I want to stay in my office all day, this i-phone seems to be my answer. Or is it? I’ve seen others doing this, but I can’t really imagine answering e-mails while playing at the park with my kids, or while grocery shopping, or having lunch out, or at the beach, or during family outings, or driving, or working out, or even in the restroom……there must be limits, right?  I haven’t decided about purchasing an i-phone. If I do, I know I’ll have to set some limits. Hopefully you won’t see me answering e-mails at the park, focusing on work, while my children are eating sand! 

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