On Vacation and Writing!

I’m writing this blog while finishing up my vacation with my family and my in-laws.  I have spread the word about Motherhood Incorporated to all the women in my family.  They are so amazed and proud.  They also marvel at the possibilites.

 I’m sitting here, writing this, in Vancouver, WA.  My little boy is downstairs with his Grandparents, watching them make breakfast.  I said to my mother-in-law just a few minutes ago that I was going to do some work on my blogs.  Happy to be with her grandson, she smiled and said, “It is so amazing that you can do that from here.  That you can work, be a mom, visit your family and be creative all in the same moment.”  It really is amazing.

 We have so much this day in age to allow us to get our voices heard, to state our feelings and opinions and do it all while changing diapers and in another state.  My mom and mother-in-law can’t imagine having such a great outlet while running their households.

I hear my son letting out the fussy cry of hunger downstairs.  I’m going to go and do my mom thing now.  But I’ll be back to talk about another amazing day in my life as a mom.