Understanding the Way you Work in Your Home Office By Sandra Beck

by Sandra Beck 

Last week, I mentioned that I am a messy office owner. I am disorganized and no one is allowed to clean in there but me. And after 40 years on this planet I own that part of myself.  I am proud of it. It is me. I will never be neat. There I said it.

I am however an organizing professional so I understand fully that it takes all kinds.  When you set up your home office, you need to get real with yourself .   You need to make your office work with you — not work with your office. I find this too stressful. I am sloppy and successful. All that matters at the end of the day is I can get my work done and I can collect my money so I can live my life with my family. Period.

If you are the type of person who bounces from project to project, has tons of ideas, and wants to accomplish everything but rarely has time to do anything, you are the Messmaster Elite.  Contrary to most of the home office books I have read, you need to have lots of bulletin boards, places to stick postit and bins to hold research, junk and papers.  Be proud of being a Messmaster Elite Member. Its the way you work. So go with it.

If you have polished and dusted your desk since you have read the last paragraph then you are the Perfect Organizer.  Again, contrary to most of the home office and organization books I have read, you need to invest in pretty boxes, file drawers, a label maker and Pledge.  I live with a Perfect Organizer and work with one who is delightful in her own neat and tidy way.  Trying to initiate a Perfect Organizer into the Messmaster Elite is like getting a cat to swim.

Most of us fall in between the two groups…there is The Stasher, the Stacker, the Re-Organizer, the Paper Chaser.  The whole point is to set up your home office space to serve you – your work habits and how you work. Tell the others to go jump in a lake if they don’t like it. Your home office is about you, not them.   And if your family gets on, just post your a copy of your first check on the wall and point to it when they comment.