My Movable Office

I love working from home and being at home with my son. I’m a fairly organized person so my “office” is usually well kept. But where is my office? It’s everywhere.

I work from my laptop. Therefore I can carry my “office” around the house. It makes working and being a mom easier. As any mom knows, you must be mobile. Able to get from one place to another, often relocating yourself in your home for the convenience of being were the baby is. So, when he plays in his room, my laptop and I go there. When he’s in the living room, my laptop and I sit at the kitchen table. When we want some fresh air, we all go out into the yard.

My laptop isn’t the only tool I must have with me to work from home. I have my trusty folder. I’m not talking the electronic type but the old school type. In my folder I have all my passwords to different hotmail accounts and websites. I have contact phone numbers I’ve jotted down. I have notes and thoughts that I write down when my computer is off. I have my folder ready and waiting so I can take it with me when necessary.

I do have an office space. It’s a huge desk my husband and I share where we keep all the office necessities. We also have a large file cabinet. But I rarely work from just my desk. I’m always moving my office around.

At first I wasn’t sure if this constant movement of my office would make me feel less organized and together. But quickly I became used to it. Now I can maneuver here and there as long as I have my laptop, and when needed, my folder. This ability to move around actually makes me feel less pressure and stress to be only in one place when I work. I can multi-task, as all moms do, and feel I’m being a good mom and contributing as a working woman, too!