Our Family Portrait at Sears by Sandra Beck

While I was working today, I looked at my notes and realized the last time I had the kids photographed was eighteen months ago.  Where had the time gone?  I quickly called the Sears Portrait Studio near our home and headed over with the kids in their nice clean clothes.

Two hours later, they had kicked each other and I separated one biting episode.  My business clothes that I had selected so carefully in a pipe dream of getting a new headshot at the same time were crammed in the bottom of the stroller that I used to contain my screaming spawn.

To be fair, the camera broke and we lost the first set of photos. We had to reshoot them all which by this time my toddler had scratched his face and smeared his clothes with dirt from the studio.  My other son, now four, lay sullenly on the floor — apparently too tired to smile.

Bribes of ice cream fell flat. Bribes of candy worked only temporarily when I realized I only had one small roll of candy to last two hours with two hungry boys. The photographer was a lovely young woman with more patience than a person has a right to have at that age. 

At the end of the boys session, I hopped in for a quick snap and even though my hair wasn’t done and my makeup was ruined – my favorite blue sweater still held up for this photo. After working in an enviroment in Beverly Hills for a long time where you only took your kids to the best private photographer I was happily surprised at how good the photos looked, how nice the people were — and hey! a broken camera could happen to anyone.  At the end of the day, I got what I wanted.  Nice pictures of the boys and the one I jumped in a the end will grace my desk for years to come.

I am going to go back next week for a headshot and see how that goes. But for now, if you have been working like me and haven’t dropped into Sears or Walmart or any of the local portrait studies — run down and take a few snaps.  I am thrilled that I have them and despite the effort it took to get us all there clean, neat and fuss free…it was worth it!  And I promised myself that I won’t let another year and a half slip by….

 by Sandra Beck