Virtual Assistant Success Story by Kim Hadley/ Imaginations Everything

by Kim Hadley

One of my favorite VA’s (virtual assistants) is Lindsay.  She came to me via a client. She was a stay at home mom, that wanted to start an e-commerce business selling beauty products, my part in the project was to help her set up the site. She and I worked together to create In the process of working with her, I could see what a firecracker she was.  During that project we got talking and it turned out she was a fit for another project I was working on, so we’ve continued to work together throughout the past year.  Sometimes we have to schedule our meetings around nap time, or we get interrupted by a crying baby, or junior wanting a cup of juice, but she always gets the job done, and done well, has so much to bring to my business in terms of her thought process, experience and expertise… it’s well worth some distractions. Check out Kim’s site at and her blog at