Our Milk Money is Born!

Do people really know what it takes to be a stay at home mom?  I certainly never knew. I began to wonder if others would value the products that I am selling more just because of where they came from, and how it’s value is much greater because it means a mother can stay home and raise her son
herself, rather than send him to the only cheap daycare that was available while she worked in a large corporation- whose products may cost the same, but aren’t nearly as valuable.

As a stay-at-home parent, I found the internet to be a useful resource, espcially since shopping with a toddler was the last thing I wanted to do. With my new little idea, I began to try and find products that were sold by stay-at-home parents like myself. I figured it was good Karma, and I happily imagined some other cyber mom performing the same search and looking to buy from ME, simply because I was a parent.
I searched for hours, and with nothing, finally gave up. It seemed that finding a self-employed parent who sold my favorite shampoo was about as easy as shaving my legs with a tweezers .

I knew there had to be someone out there, but if they were in the 647,005th page of an internet search, finding them would take a miracle. I murmured to myself how easy it would be to go to a site that listed all the self-employed parents across the country- and in that same fraction of a second, I knew that if there wasn’t one, I was going to create it.

I immediately called Kelli, a fellow mom who I’d recently met and bonded with on a playdate who I knew was also looking for a new business venture. I told her about my idea, and her response was, “That’s brilliant. Let’s do it.”
Our Milk Money was born.
Before I knew it, I was a business owner.  Funny. Now that I am here, I can’t imagine ever working for anyone else again.