I'm Still In My Pajamas and Darn Proud of it by Nicole Ocean

It’s 10 am on a random Tuesday morning. I can be found sitting in a cush gray leather office chair and typing on a natural ergonomic keyboard that Microsoft puts out. My home office is located within an area of my bedroom and believe in or not, I am still in my pajamas!!! Oh what a tough life I have!

I’ve already sent my son to school, started a load of laundry and have one in the dryer. I’ve checked my emails, written a few replies as well as written a few blogs.

Now, I am getting ready to munch down on a breakfast burrito that is smothered in Paul Newman’s (Meduim) Salsa as the curtains are closed on my bedroom window to help block out the bright sunshine that wants to blind me.

I haven’t been outside yet today and my phone hasn’t rung, but I am busy as a bee! That this is all ok with me!!

Here’s a picture of my own home office! It affords every luxury I could ever need!


What does your home office look like and what are you most proudest of by being able to work from home?

You’ll have to excuse me because my burrito is now making my mouth water and I can’t resist it anymore! I’ll check up with you again soon….maybe by then I’ll have been really motivated and gotten my shower out of the way too!! 🙂

By: Nicole Ocean of nicolesdreams eBooks