Virtual Help by Kim Hadley/Imaginations Everything

by Kim Hadley/Imaginations Everything

The internet has opened up a world of possibilities job wise. So many tasks can be done on a computer, from your home, back yard, local café… the sky is the limit.  As a small business owner, I don’t have the regular volume of business, nor the desire to have people working for me full time. I work at home, and I also don’t have to space. I do however have a “virtual staff” of about 15, who I farm out business to on an as needed basis. Counting on my virtual team didn’t come easy. The theory is there, hire someone for $x/hr and charge the client $XX/hr and I’m making money while I sleep!  It works like that when you get the right team in place, that’s for certain. The key is in getting the right team. It can be hard to find people that are good, and that you can count on, once you have found that gem in the bunch, hang on tight and it will be well worth the time it took to find them. The other key is to have several gem’s for the same task. People come and go, especially virtual people.  One of my most important resources for virtual help is my site. What better market that women who wish to stay home and raise their kids, but still want to bring in some income to contribute. What better way for them to keep well learned skills up to date, a match made in heaven for a small business owner looking for contract workers.  Check out Kim’s Site at and her blog at