Prioritizing My Day

Every single day there are a lists of things that must be done. Being a mom who works from home, there is a never ending list.

Everyday I must prioritize what needs to be done, what should be done and what I want to have done. I can’t do it all in one day, so I must prioritize it so as not to go crazy!

First and foremost, anything having to do with the health, well being and happiness of my son is number one. Next, would be work. Working as a virtual assistant and as a course tester for a software company keeps me in the workforce and pretty busy. Then there’s everything else. This is were prioritizing can get a little fussy.

It’s important for me to have a clean house. My parents owned a house cleaning business growing up and I worked for them many summers. Coincidently, my husband’s mom also owned a house cleaning biz. So we both come from clean homes and like ours to be clean. I actually like to clean. It’s instant satisfaction. And because I keep up on it, it’ never daunting.

Then there’s the constant errand running. Groceries are either bought at Ralph’s or Trader Joe’s. I can’t get everything I want at Trader Joe’s, so then I go to Ralph’s. I swear I go to Target once a week. Every week I say, I’m going to get everything this week and won’t need to come back next week. But it never fails, even if I’ve come with a list, there will be something I need or want the following week….toiletries, kids products, house wear things and my beloved Morningstar vegetarian products are cheaper at Target. They do have a Starbucks so it’s really not that much of a chore. Then there’s my workouts. I really look forward to those.

So by the end of any given day, I’ve had to make many choices as to what I feel really needs to be done when I lay my head down that night and what can wait for the next day or the next week.

Prioritizing can be daunting sometimes. When that happens, when my head spins in confusion of constantly having to make a decision for each hour of the day, I put my son in his stroller and go for a big walk to the park.

I’m sure all of you know exactly how I feel.