Clean Up In a Hurry – By Nicole Perkins

By Nicole Perkins 

Yesterday my husband pulled the classic move. He called about 4 pm to let me know that one of his new bosses was going to be coming by the house with him after work – I had an hour and a half at the most to clean up the house – and myself.

So, I started on the dishes – they were still sitting in the sink from lunch because the dishwasher needed to be emptied and instead of doing that, I had opted to finish some work. Luckily the kids were still taking their nap so I got through that pretty quick.

My 4-year-old daughter woke up and since she is very task oriented, I gave her a handful of paper towels and a little spray bottle with organic/kid-safe cleaning solution and she went to town. Our home is mostly tile so I told her just to get any big spots on the floor. From there she moved on to dusting – the TV, entertainment center and picture frames on the hutch by the front door. She did great and was so proud of herself – what a lifesaver!


While she was occupied, I got the guest bathroom clean and cleared off the tables and counter. By now my 2-year-old son was awake and while the house looked pretty good, I was still a wreck. You see earlier in the morning, the kids were taking a bath in my room so I could put some laundry away, and they were having such a great time in the tub, I decided to play with my makeup. I looked like I was ready for a Motley Crue concert – circa 1988 – not meet-the-boss material.

With both kids now awake, I gave them a snack and pulled out the giant doodle pad and let them go crazy while I washed my face. With a nice floral skirt, black top and unwashed, but neatly pulled back hair, I actually felt like I might pull this off. I lit a couple candles and voila – ready for introductions – all thanks to the help of my little girl and a giant doodle pad.