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Late night makeovers and StumbleUpon.com by Tia Peterson/All American Admin

I think it’s so funny that Sandra just recently posted about getting a lovely long night of sleep, because it’s after midnight at the moment (on the East Coast) and I’m still awake, day-dreaming of sleep…

I just gave my company website a quick makeover. Not in terms of design or personality, but in content. I was finally able to streamline what I do into something I can “talk about at parties” (that was a nod to Jack Nicholson’s monologue in A Few Good Men…)

Seriously, though, I was able to spend some time while my son is down for (half) the night refining and describing my service offering in a way that finally makes sense. Being a virtual assistant is a wonderous and mysterious thing: people love what you do while at the same time not quite understanding what you do, no matter how many times you explain it.

On a totally different note, I want to brag that I was the first to “discover” Motherhood Incorporated and the Mother Incoporated blog on StumbleUpon. If you don’t know what StumbleUpon is, you should find out soon.

The main reason is that you should at least look to see whether someone has already discovered your site (it makes you feel good) and secondly you should know whether you’re getting thumbs ups or thumbs down – because your approval isn’t warranted with StumbleUpon. Your website could be getting rated and you wouldn’t be the wiser unless you are part of the StumbleUpon community.

It’s really a website ratings tool – people involved in StumbleUpon spend time “stumbling” websites that are presented to them based on a set of preferences. Then, we give the site a thumbs up or thumbs down. The more thumbs up a site is given, the more it is presented, thereby increasing the daily hits to that site exponentially.

If that kind of thing strikes your fancy, I say give it a try. I like it so far, but I caution against spending too much time “stumbling” – it’s very addictive!



All American Admin

An official hello! Tia Peterson/All American Admin

If there were a way to have a baby carrier physically attached to my back and a laptop carrier physically in front, I would be all set. It seems these days I am either attending to my five month old son Aidan or attending to my new business, All American Admin (I must like the letter “A”). 🙂

I am so happy to be part of Motherhood Incorporated’s blog team and am looking forward to reading and posting. I’m a new mom, a single mom, and a work at home mom, and the combination of the three is both extremely empowering and extremely overwhelming at times. So, groups and associations like this one are so vital to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is vital to a successful business.

So, here’s my official hello! Aidan and I (after all, he is technically my first business partner) are excited to be here.

The Quick About me and About All American Admin:

I’m originally from the East Coast, born in New Hampshire and bred in Virginia. The furthest west I’ve ever really lived is Tulsa, OK – although I did spent sx quick months in Tucson, Arizona where Aidan was born. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Technical Writing from Oral Roberts University.

I’m back on the East Coast living on a tree-lined street in Erie, PA and absolutely loving it. My weekdays are spent working my new business and mothering Aidan (simultaneously) and my weekends are spent attempting the blended family thing with my boyfriend and his three year old son.

All American Admin is my virtual assistant business. I chose this business because it really suited me. I could have chosen to be a freelance technical writer or telecommuter-technologist, but I actually really like administrative work, and have found a way to put a spin on it: I mix technology with admin work and voila! Now I’m really a techno-assistant, since I mainly assist with technology-related projects. I’ve just recently (as in, today) realized that I could also mix technical writing with my offerings. Everyday I am learning something new.

I am going to selectively simul-post articles here and on my home-based business blog (geared toward other virtual assistants) which is located at http://blog.allamericanadmin.com. In case you are wondering, my company website is http://www.allamericanadmin.com. Again, we specialize in technical administrative services (like blog installation/maintenance, website design, simple graphic design, internet marketing, shopping cart work, etc) so if you need any of that, let me know!


Tia & Aidan

Motherhood Incorporated Welcomes Tia Peterson/All American Admin

We are pleased to announce the addition to our online team, Tia Peterson of All American Admin. All American Admin provides virtual assistant services to small businesses and home-based businesses. Specializing in internet marketing, simple graphic design and web design, shopping cart setup and update, blog assistant and customer response, All American Admin’s ideal clients are personal and business coaches, e-commerce providers and other Internet-based businesses.

Tia graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Technical Writing and a minor in Public Relations and Advertising. After spending four years in the IT industry as technical communicator, product manager and business analyst, Tia now runs The All-American Admin company and loves it. Tia lives in Erie, PA with her  new baby boy, Aidan, and thoroughly enjoys the perks of being a work at home mom. Naturally, Aidan’s favorite toy is the computer!

We can’t wait to hear all about the adventuras, trials and tribulations that Tia encounters as she builds her company as a single mother to beautful Aidan. Check out her site and her blog at

Website: http://www.allamericanadmin.com
Blog: http://blog.allamericanadmin.com

 and look for her articles on Motherhood Incorporated under Tia’s Story.

Welcome Tia, Glad to have you aboard!