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Robin Boyd of Motherhood Incorporated Citizen of the Year

We at Motherhood Incorporated are so proud of Robin Boyd everyday, but for this we are especially proud! Well done Robin!


By LAUREN SAUSSER Union Leader Correspondent

HOOKSETT, NH — Robin Boyd may be many things, but an attention-seeker she’s not.

That’s why it came as such a shock when this mother-wife-volunteer-Web designer got a call from Hooksett Lions Club President Alden Beauchemin letting the Hooksett native know she had been chosen as the town’s Citizen of the Year.

“He gave me the news and, of course, I was surprised,” Boyd said. “I was hoping for another person in town to be the award winner, and I thought he was calling me to tell me that person had won.” But it was Boyd’s exemplary record of community service, especially with her lifelong commitment to the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains, that caught the attention of the Lions Club committee that selects the Citizen of the Year. She is the 50th resident to be honored with the distinction since the program’s inception.

Mike Dibitetto, who spearheaded the selection committee this year, said the submissions were substantial and Boyd’s accomplishments stood out among them all.

“Community service is probably the No. 1 issue for the Hooksett Citizen of the Year,” Dibitetto said. “Robin has been exemplary. Her service is outstanding.” But for Boyd, community service is her second nature. She started off Girl Scouting in Manchester when she was little, because no troop existed in Hooksett. Eventually, her mother and a friend got together and established a local troop that Boyd joined.

She continued scouting throughout high school and college. Currently, she oversees all 18 Hooksett troops — approximately 165 scouts — as the Hooksett service unit manager.

“I think what’s special about Girl Scouting is the fact that a girl can find what’s special about her at her own pace. She can find her own strength. She learns about herself and about others,” Boyd said. “She’s not being compared to anyone else. She’s not in competition. She’s learning to be who is she and who she wants to be in her future. That’s so empowering.”

Boyd, a part-time graphic designer who works on Web-based projects from her home in Hooksett for a company in Los Angeles, is also supports the Lions Club and is active on the town’s Old Home Day Committee.

She and her husband, Stephen, raised two, now grown, children, Ross and Emily, in town.

“I think no matter how big Hooksett gets or how diverse Hooksett gets, we always seem to have a neighborly core,” Boyd said. “I think we still think like a small town. We seem to stay in touch with each other one way or another.”