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Baby Time by Deb Gillespie

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to California where I visited my daughter, sister and two year old niece, Siena. It’s been a while since I have spent time with a child this young. I loved every moment of it. Basically, we spent two weeks on baby time, which is perfect for me. It means living in the now, in the present moment. I got right down on the floor with her and played pretend house and school and whatever else she wanted to play in each moment.


I found myself singing, dancing, and laughing often. We sang in the car, we sang in the street. California is big on farmer’s markets. We visited an amazing market in one of the suberbs of San Jose. I believe they call it, downtown Campbell. There was what looked like a homeless man playing the guitar. He was singing a Greatful Dead song. One that my sister, Anita and I loved. So we started dancing and singing the words to the song at the tops of our lungs. Anita was holding Siena in her arms. Siena was obviously enjoying all of this. Suddenly, my sister and I found ourselves looking at each other. We started to laugh, the words of the song became very inappropriate for a two year old. But what to do? We just continued to sing along as if nothing was wrong.

By Deb Gillespie

Where there is energy there is power, by Deb Gillespie, Motherhood Incorporated

by Deb Gillespie

When do we give up on our dreams? Somewhere along the journey, many of us give up on our childhood dreams. Remember when we were young and we pretended to be actors or super heroes? We were so excited about our future goals of being writers or even the president. And now what are we doing? At what point do we give up on our dreams ? Do they become unrealistic and just pie in the sky illusions far out of our reach?

I have asked myself these questions at many different points in my life. Of course we have to make a living and support our families and deal with life’s many challenges along the way. Sometimes we come to crossroads where we are given opportunities to make changes. It is at these moments where there may be space created to review our current life’s directions and where we are focusing our energy.

Where there is energy there is power. Take a moment to analyze where your energy is strongest. What gets you exited in life? Where is your passion? Is there any way to channel this energy into creating new oppurtinities for yourself? Can you take back your dream? Are we really as limited as we thought we were, or are we limitless and boundless spirits with the ability to create and live out our dreams?


Gone, Baby Gone by Deb Gillespie

Booked a flight to California, heading out this weekend, I can’t wait. I’m going to see my daughter, Sam. It’s been a long time coming, too long. Last time I saw her was this past July. She flew across the country to say good bye to her grandpa. It was a short visit, and as you can imagine, not a very joyful one.


My daughter will be turning 21. Yippee! I could never have envisioned that she would be living so far away from me, and that I would only see her twice a year. I really thought that she would always be there, that I could see her anytime that I wanted. I knew that she would be going off to college. But I never thought that she would settle down so far out of reach. And to make matters worse, she doesn’t have a land line, and her cell phone plan has limited minutes. And with me living in Canada, well, let’s just say we are not able to talk on the phone very much. If I talk to her once every two weeks, I consider myself lucky.


This past Christmas was the first Christmas that we did not spend together. It was painful for me. I saw photos, seems as though she enjoyed herself. I am happy for that.


It’s tough, this letting go, accepting what is. I’m doing it because I don’t have much of a choice. But this was not my plan. It’s life’s plan. And I’m realizing that I have to learn to accept life’s plans. I don’t have to always like it, but I do have to learn how to accept what is.


By Deb Gillespie

Daymaker Challenge Day 31- The Book of Hope by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

So there we are.  We got you rolling.  It’s Day 31…we threw in an extra one to finish the month and year off!! Of course we have to leave you with a special one.  One to last a LONG time.  START A DREAMS JOURNAL.  You can do it the whole family, with your spouse, one parent and one child, or alone.  Whichever feels right for you.  All you need is a notebook and a pen to start.  If you feel like it decorate the outside of the journal with some artwork.  It will let your guard down and ideas flow.  The objective is to sit from time to time, with the people you share the journal with, or you can write in it seperately, all your dreams, wishes, hopes and goals.  They can be crazy and outrageous or simple.  Sometimes it’s easier to write things down than to say them to your spouses or kids.  Keep it somewhere everyone can access and read or jot down things when they come to mind but also take the time to reflect together and write shared dreams.  Put it on the calendar to talk over once a month…..even over a meal.  Enjoy your sacred little book filled with hope…. remembering the power of words and of writing down intentions.   Now that idea makes our day!  by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

Daymaker Challenge Day 30 Old Fashioned Help! by Dahna Weber, Deb Gillespie and Liam Weber-Nudel

Help an elder cross the street and ask them how they are.  Simple and timeless.  While they may not need your help they sure do enjoy the company! 

P.S. Do it with your kids.    They love doing good deeds. 

by Dahna Weber, Deb Gillespie and Liam Weber-Nudel.  (really it was entirely Liam’s idea…my 9 year old wonderful boy who is super keen on the Daymaker Challenges and on blogging)!

Daymaker Challenge Day 28 Just One Second by Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

Ever wonder what you could do with one extra second?  We bet you can lift a whole bunch of people’s spirits and maybe even make their day by doing so.  At every interaction for the day, take one extra second to do something for whoever you are with.  The cashier, the driver in the car ahead of you, your little one, the telemarketer.  Often all you have to do is be nice.  Listen, don’t cut people off, on the phone or the road.  In fact let them in, give them 2 minutes of your time and ask them how they are doing, how hard their job is or where they are calling from.  Making all these mini one second interventions will definitely make your day.  Reaching out and connecting to others has a way of helping us connect inwards as well.  by Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

Daymaker Challenge Day 27- Say Cheese by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

You may not know this but….Polaroid is ceasing to sell the instant film real soon.  For fun and for posterity why not take your old one out to a party over the next few days and shoot some shots.  The idea is to take some great shots and pass them out the people you managed to capture.  There really is something retro about the Polaroid and fantastic about having real printed out picture.  How many people can you make say cheese and smile in one night?  by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber