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Baby Time by Deb Gillespie

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to California where I visited my daughter, sister and two year old niece, Siena. It’s been a while since I have spent time with a child this young. I loved every moment of it. Basically, we spent two weeks on baby time, which is perfect for me. It means living in the now, in the present moment. I got right down on the floor with her and played pretend house and school and whatever else she wanted to play in each moment.


I found myself singing, dancing, and laughing often. We sang in the car, we sang in the street. California is big on farmer’s markets. We visited an amazing market in one of the suberbs of San Jose. I believe they call it, downtown Campbell. There was what looked like a homeless man playing the guitar. He was singing a Greatful Dead song. One that my sister, Anita and I loved. So we started dancing and singing the words to the song at the tops of our lungs. Anita was holding Siena in her arms. Siena was obviously enjoying all of this. Suddenly, my sister and I found ourselves looking at each other. We started to laugh, the words of the song became very inappropriate for a two year old. But what to do? We just continued to sing along as if nothing was wrong.

By Deb Gillespie